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“Erin is amazing and her readings are spot on! After the most recent reading I had, she gave me invaluable advice that helped me move on from a painful situation, accept myself, and reclaim my power in a relationship that was causing me a lot of inner turmoil. Erin is definitely the real deal and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a concise, enlightened, and intimate reading.” – Caitlin

“Erin has consistently given me advice that has helped me find clarity and peace. She’s able to pick up on exactly what problem I’m facing and help guide me towards potential solutions. Each of her readings is concise, clear, and gets to the root of the issue. Plus, her calming demeanor cultivates an open and therapeutic environment. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” – Carey

“Not only is Erin an amazing reader, but she is also a prolific writer who can synthesize vast psychic information, organize it cohesively, and translate it into language that is clear and concise for the client to understand and integrate easily. I am still so blown away because she tapped into so much more than I had expected. Her reading was very detailed and thorough and arrived promptly. I cannot emphasize how much I am in awe by how deeply and vastly she was able to tap into the session, and that she could whip up a long comprehensive report with impeccable writing in such a short amount of time. For the most part, she covered a lot of ground and left no stone unturned in terms of some of the major areas that make up life such as career and relationships. She picked up on my life story as if she was physically there like a good friend who had witnessed many pivotal moments of my life but on a deeper level.

To the potential client, you will be very seen by Erin as she can read you with laser-like precision if you allow her into your energetic space, but you will also be very understood and supported. That feeling of being very seen and understood is quite life-changing. She can tap into your blocks, suggests great tools (such as working with certain archetypal figures, using specific flower essences, and trying out other healing modalities) to work through those blocks as she sees fit based on her expertise, and highlights your natural intuitive gifts. She can also help you to dismantle any outdated narratives that keep cycling in the background of your psyche by intuiting accurately very deep-rooted issues that can stem from childhood.

From my perspective as a previous client, it is quite difficult to express fully and fluently how in-depth, expansive, and all-encompassing Erin’s reading was. I feel like this testimonial is not enough, and that words don’t do it justice. Perhaps the human language cannot fully capture yet the invisible but palpable healing language communicated between the psychic healer and the client, especially when the psychic healer is an exceptional one. I feel that this invisible language just has to be experienced first-hand beyond the words on this page and its borders to fully encapsulate what I mean. If you ever come across Erin and her work, do not hesitate to receive assistance from her if you are at a crossroads in life or feel stuck in your current situation and need a helping hand. You will not regret it. I definitely did not! I am very grateful that I came across her work, and I truly and deeply appreciate her assistance.” – Sarah




“I wanted to take a moment to properly thank you for yesterday’s Akashic Records reading. It’s hard for me to fully encapsulate my thoughts and feelings, but to summarize, yesterday’s reading was one of the most validating and powerful experiences I have ever had in my life. So much so that afterwards I could feel an intense weight of anxiety, doubt, and fear lifting off of me. I now have the much-needed clarity and motivation I need to continue on my journey. Immediately after the reading, I felt intuitively that I should pull some tarot and oracle cards. The cards I pulled only confirmed again all of the great messages from the reading. Today, I experienced a fun synchronicity that even further highlights how wonderful this reading was. During the reading, it came through several times that journaling should be a part of my journey and healing. I did not mentioned yesterday that I have started journaling, but have been doing so in the Notes section of my phone since I need a new physical journal. I told myself this morning that I should go get one on the way home from work. At work today, I received a random package from an old colleague who works in a promotional items company. She surprised me by sending me a new coffee mug… AND A NEW JOURNAL. Wow. I am very thankful that I just happened to find out about you while listening to my favorite podcast, Soberish. and I am so thankful that followed my intuition to book a reading with you. I can’t wait to listen to the recording and continue this work in healing, ascending, and self-actualization.” – Camille


“Hi Erin, you gave me a tarot reading a few weeks back and I wanted to reach out and thank you! I requested a reading in a time of “crisis” (back during the eclipse) and to say that it was helpful is an understatement. I’ve listened to the recording of our session more than once and it’s still so spot on. I seem to catch new things each time I listen to it. Thank you. Also, you sent a photo of the dolphin animal card that you noticed at the bttom of your deck, after we spent the first few minutes of our session talking about dolphines, and it made me smile from cheek to cheek.” – Melissa

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