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Mother Earth is shedding her skin and Humanity is on the cusp of its next great Evolutionary leap. My purpose is to be of service during this Time of Transition as an artist, catalyst, and priestess for spiritual transformation, sovereign empowerment, and heart-led planetary revolution.

We are remembering to live mythically, and in greater harmony with the cycles of Nature and the Cosmos. It is my honor activate your remembrance and guide you in writing your own myth so that you may help weave the New Earth into being.



Writing for television was my dream for as long as I could remember. When I graduated from USC film school in 2012 and got a job as an assistant on a hit supernatural TV drama, I had high hopes that I could rise up the ranks and finally make my dream a reality. The Universe, however, had other plans — and I wound up experiencing a traumatic series of events that catalyzed a massive kundalini awakening. In an instant I knew my life had changed forever.

Instead of writing for supernatural TV dramas, I have spent the past 7 years living the plot of one. I have developed my intuitive gifts and undergone nonstop spiritual initiations that have taken me into the Void and back. My love of travel and initiations into planetary gridworking have led me to sacred sites across America and around the world. My deep work in my personal and the collective Shadows has humbled and shaped me into an instrument for divine revelation. All of these things and more have prepared me to be of service during this profound and critical time of global transformation.


While my path has been challenging, it has shown me that if you commit to the inner alchemy, you can effect beautiful change in your outer world. It is from this perspective that I approach all of my spiritual and creative works, which I offer as my personal contribution to our collective Evolution. 


"[Erin's] reading was one of the most validating and powerful experiences I have ever had in my life. So much so that afterwards I could feel an intense weight of anxiety, doubt, and fear lifting off of me. I now have the clarity and motivation I need to continue on my journey." ― Camille 

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trance-form through live sonic journeys & serpent transmissions




evolve through serpent transmissions & journeys beyond the veil



"You will be very seen by Erin as she can read you with laser-like precision if you allow her into your energetic space, but you will also be very understood and supported. That feeling of being very seen and understood is quite life-changing." ― Sarah 

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My books are currently closed. To secure a spot on my waitlist, you can send a request through my contact page. Please note that my offerings are subject to change.


In the meantime, feel free to keep in touch through my social media/newsletter for collective offerings and to be appraised of when I reopen my books. Thank you for your interest and support!